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It's been over 6 months since Thomas died. We got another rescue cat, who could not be more different. His name was Gus, but we decided he looked more like an Eddie. He didn't seem to answer to Gus anyway. He's about 18 months old.

I don't think he was well treated - all we know was that social services were involved. So I suspect he was poked by a very small child, too little to be left with a pet. He can be very loving at times, but then he gets over excited and wants to wrestle, which involves biting and holding with the front claws whilst kicking with the back legs. He spent the first few days hiding under the sofa. He overturned the bins looking for food and had diarrhoea (luckily in the bath) the first two nights. I think the change in diet upset him, there were also a few emissions of the silent but deadly kind. He was jumpy at the smallest sound, and seemed to have no desire to leave the house. It was nerve wracking when we did let him out.

He's a very quiet cat who only miaows when food is about to be served. He's starting to learn how to ask to be let out or in. He's not quite made it onto a lap yet, but he'll lie alongside your legs. He loves to play so much, we sometimes have to use a laser pointer to get him to come inside. He still likes to wrestle, but st least now the claws are somewhat withdrawn and the nibbling often turns to licking.

It's been a difficult transition, these last few months. In hindsight, perhaps an older cat would have been better. Partly I feel guilty for replacing Thomas, I suppose. But nothing can bring him back now...


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