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Cats I have loved
As a rejoinder to the last post I thought I might post some pics of cats I've loved and lost in the past. Just because.


Puss, my mum's first cat. Tried to rename her Trixie Fluff, but Puss stuck. A loving, placid animal, I was honoured when she finally deigned to sit on my lap. I was about 12.





Biscuit - my first cat - was rescued by a friend of a friend from a bag of kittens dumped in Coventry Canal. She was the only survivor, because she was pretty free with her claws. Eventually she retired to London with friends, and lived to age 18. She was originally named Tuppence. Had a beautiful spotted tummy, which alas I never got a photo of.


Fraggle - a daft as a brush cat with no road sense whatsoever. Non-pedigree persian, you could pick his fur out of the carpet because it clumped. Had a little white bald spot for a belly button. Liked to chase butterflies but had no idea what to do with them. Got run over aged 5, despite having lived alongside a railway line for a year and coming to no harm. Alas, I don't seem to have many pictures of him.


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