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The white elephant in the room....
HS2 phase two has been announced, the phase that connects Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds. On the map they have helpfully shown the existing railway line. Which it pretty much shadows - just like the first phase, in fact.

Am I the only person who cannot understand why they are building this thing? Why can't they spend the money where it is needed - a decent train link to Devon/Somerset, for a start, because getting down there on the train is harder than getting to Paris!!! I appreciate they've spent millions on this so I guess it's unlikely they'll cancel it but, seriously!!! Didn't anyone think to stand up and ask "Why this route?" I guess it's because the rest of the UK doesn't actually exist, in some minds, outside of London. Well, here's news - I don't care about making their transport easier. Lots of train lines already lead to London - I have a choice of two routes from the Midlands - Brum to Euston, or Warwick to Marylebone - and I'm certain there are other routes. It's already at the centre of the rail network, despite geographically being located in the right hand corner of the landmass.

Just me, then. OK.

In other news, slammed my left index finger in a car door. It's rather purple at the moment, but has healed enough that I can craft somewhat. Hope it grows out soon, it's rather yucky looking. 


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