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In the mix
Found a mix CD I must have made a while ago and forgot to label. The track listing (not in this order):

Sarabande - Handel - it was in a film, and briefly a jeans ad
Road to Perdition theme
Trouble - Coldplay
Wish you were here - Pink Floyd
Lifelines - Aha
Politik - Coldplay
Street Spirit - Radiohead
Pyramid song - Radiohead
The movie - Aerosmith
On the future of aviation - Jerry Goodman
Tomorrow - Europe
Aching - BRMC
Moonlight sonata (first movement) - Beethoven

There are two more tracks on it that escape me.right now (it's the in car right now).

The earworm that's been driving me insane lately is "Noone knows" by Queens of the Stone Age. Not particularly pretty looking band, but I may have to buy that album anyway. Youtube is a great way to listen to a whole song before you buy it.

My taste in music is fairly broad. The only things I'm not keen on is opera (but it's fine if it has subtitles and a good story) and manufactured music. I'd rather listen to a band who can play their own instruments and write a good song.

Currently reading Steven Adler's autobiography. Looks like the seeds of dissent were sown very early on in GNR's history - Axl was a no-show at an Alice Cooper gig before the "Appetite..." album was even released. According to Steve, the tragic OD of a close friend may have been part of the reason that particular album is so good.


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